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Public Official Bonds

A public official is a person who holds a position of official authority that is conferred by a State, City, County or other municipality. They often hold a legislative, administrative or judicial position of sorts and is either elected or appointed. Relative to surety bonds, notaries public are the most common public official. A public official bond which provides indemnity for failure of a public official to faithfully perform their duties while properly managing funds they might oversee for the term of their designation

What Are The Two Common Types Of Public Official Bonds?

Public Official Bonds may serve different functions: Fidelity Bonds and Faithful Performance Bonds. Also, states use “fidelity bond” and “faithful performance” interchangeably, there is a difference between fidelity coverage and faithful performance coverage.

(We appreciate our public service providers.) However you must, must understand your roll? You are not allowed to administer of justice our property without consent, 

Dishonor by our servants will create defiant society.!?


Staufen Versus Attorney General Of British Columbia

2001 BCSC 779 (CanLTT)