we at a.l.m ministrys stand against anyone causing harm

Sinatra Doctrine doing it ' my way" warsaw?

The Brezhnev Doctrine was a Soviet foreign policy that proclaimed any threat to socialist rule in any state of the Soviet bloc in Central and Eastern Europe was a threat to them all, and therefore justified the intervention of fellow socialist states

#the fall of the Iron Curtain #renounced the use of force, dictatorship falls when the people rise

notice to all public service providers please honor the people and understand your position.you have no right to self interest when dealing with the public. you will be held personally privately liable in a court of law.

A.L.M security liens available!!!

brief history (what really happen)

Role of professor Henry Louis Gates # into Africa

#Jeremy Isaac's Ed millennium 1300-1400 #John snow & ekow eshun# living on the line

#Sinatra way # the last libraries of Timbuktu Black family still owns library's by:

Hunwick & Boye Mediterranean north to region of Guinea Ghana #Moctar Sidi yahia Al wangari

#The Ahmad bans institute Timbuktu 1970 during the colonial period France burned the books

#1894 France conquer Timbuktu? #West Africa history Abdurrahman Al Sadi, tarikh Al Sudan,1656 land of black.

Ancient Ghana 10th 11th century ruled Senegal, Gambia, Mauritania, Guinea, Mali two river Senegal river & neches river

The Arab conquest against North Africa( 639-708 ad) they were black people

King most popular in the world By: ibn khaldun the philosophy of history 1394 The original north African is black.

Due to the great migrations?

#Dahia Al Kahina queen fought and died? Islamic took over African history ibn haukai, Surat Al,-ard 951

Sanjana desert nomads 1100ad Sahara Africa, tropical Africa, Mediterranean Africa.( Now Arab north Africa)

Mali the mandingas Miami 1240 sundiata Keith's conquer ancient ghana #1312 1337 Mansa Musa

#1400c black death ?

Songhai empire 1464 1492 Sunni Ali ber Ruled wickedly purge north africa?

Askiya dynasty 1493 1591 Benefits period go slaves Djenne Islamic

Leo Africanus 1526 father of African history. Books made more money than all..

david.lametti@parl.gc.ca BY JANUARY 15, 2022. Lametti is the Minister of Justice and the Attorney General of Canada.


the law

the municipality has no such rights upon its streets. It holds them as trustee for the public. The streets remain subject to the right of the public to " pass and repass ";

#To borrow the expression of Lord Halsbury in Lowery v. Walker (

not a trespasser in the sense in which that word is strictly and technically used in law

The point has already been raised and discussed in several cases in the provincial courts (amongst others: Etter v. City of Saskatoon[2] ; Sercombe v. Township of Vaughan[3] ; Godfrey v. Cooper[4] ; Boyer v. Moillet[5] ; Halpin v. Smith[6] ; Walker v. British Columbia Electric Ry.[7] ; Waldron v. Rural Municipality of Elfros[8] ; James v. City of Toronto[9] ) ;

As for the Motor-vehicle Act, it does not pretend to deal with the liability for actionable negligence. The obvious purpose of the statute is to regulate the user of the highway for the protection of the public. Its object is not to disturb the ordinary rights of individuals or persons as between themselves

At common law and as a member of the public, any individual has the right to the user of the highway under the protection of the law; and the liability of the municipality exists towards every member of the public so using the highway. This well established principle should not be taken to have been altered in the Motor-vehicle Act, except by express words or by necessary intendment. The whole scope of the Act is to prescribe certain requirements for those using the highway with motor vehicles, and to impose certain penalties upon the offenders, but nothing more.

Trespass is an area of criminal law or tort law broadly divided into three groups: trespass to the person, trespass to chattels, and trespass to land.apprehension of battery";[2] battery,

wrongful interference with one's possessory rights in [real] property".[12][13] Generally, it is not necessary to prove harm to a possessor's legally protected interest; liability for unintentional trespass varies by jurisdiction. "[A]t common law, every unauthorized entry upon the soil of another was a trespasser #Battery

Battery is "any intentional and unpermitted contact with the plaintiff's person or anything attached to it and practically identified with it". The elements of battery common law varies by jurisdiction.

Restatement of Torts 29 § 13

An act which, directly or indirectly, is the legal cause of a harmful contact with another's person makes the actor liable to the other, if:

(a) the act is done with the intention of bringing about a harmful or offensive contact or an apprehension thereof to the other or a third person, and

(b) contact is not consented to by the other or the other's consent thereto is procured by fraud or duress, and

(c) the contact is not otherwise privileged.

Directness, Intentional Act, Bodily Contact, Consent.?

You have no rights to administer my property without consent.Consent

Kelly v Hazlett (1976) 75 DLR (3d) 536 (Ont HC