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GATED COMMUNITY! 24 HOURS SECURITY! Land size is 3000 square feet  


2 bed 830sf

10 mins away from Puerto Seco beach.

The development is adjacent to renowned St Ann great house and the millionaire row

Other amenities: swimming pool, club house,with kids play areas, tennis and basketball courts,30 min from OCI Rios, 35 mins from airport

 Some 2 bedrooms units has ocean view



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                                                  brief history

 ( between 1749 and 1834)    Independent war/ revolutionary war

African Nova Scotian history or the introduction of slavery into Nova Scotia. African Nova Scotian history dates back to the Acadian period, 1604-1755. Black people accompanied the early French explorers to Acadia. During the 1606 voyage of Poutrincourt and Lescarbot from France to Port Royal, an unknown black man aboard their ship, Jonah, died of scurvy. The name of Mathieu da Costa, a man of African descent, is associated with the early French exploration of Acadia. While at Amsterdam in 1608, he signed a contract with Pierre du Gua de Monts (de Mons), founder of Port Royal, to provide services as an interpreter in Canada and Acadia from 1609 to 1612. 

The Wabanaki Confederacy (Wabenaki, Wobanaki, translated to "People of the Dawn" or "Easterner") is a North American First Nations and Native American confederation of four principal Eastern Algonquian nations: the Miꞌkmaq, Maliseet (Wolastoqey), Passamaquoddy (Peskotomahkati) and Penobscot. The Western Abenaki are also considered members, being a loose identity for a number of allied tribal peoples such as the Sokoki, Cowasuck, Missiquoi, and Arsigantegok, among others.

All Abenaki are Wabanaki, but not all Wabanaki are Abenaki.

Buduswagan which translates into "convention council." The Passamaquoddy also had their own unique name being Tolakutinaya which translates into "be related to one another." Finally, the Penobscot would interchangeably call it either Bezegowak or Gizangowak which can be translated into "those united into one" and "completely united" respectfully.[

The earliest documented contact between Wabanaki and European peoples was when Venetian explorer Giovanni Caboto (also known as John Cabot while serving under the English Crown), landed in modern-day Cape Breton in 1497. Caboto kidnapped and enslaved three Mi'kmaq people, taking them back to England to demonstrate that the continent was inhabited. When Caboto returned in 1498, the local Mi'kmaq attacked his ships. He along with much of his crew died before ever making it back. Only one of the ships returned to Europe.[9] In 1500, Portuguese explorer Gaspar Corte Real reached Wabanaki lands. He captured and enslaved at least 57 people from modern-day Newfoundland and Nova Scotia, selling them in Europe to help finance his trip.[9]

 In 1615 the Mi'kmaq and their allies killed the Mawooshen Grand Chief Bashabas in his village. War was costly for the Mi'kmaq and their allies, but especially for their southern Abenaki/Penobscot adversaries. Many Abenaki villages faced great losses from the war. The war was then followed by a pandemic known as "The Great Dying" (1616-1619), which killed around 70-95% of the local Algonquin population left after the war.


[23] "Wabanaki Timeline - The Great Dying". archive.abbemuseum.org. Abbe Museum. Retrieved August 15, 2020

after the American Revolution.[111] Another deportation was the Highland Clearances in Scotland between 1762 and 1886.[112] Another North American expulsion was the Indian Removal of the 1830s, in which the Cherokee and other Native Americans from the South-East United States were removed from their traditional homelands.[112]

Further, other historians have noted that civilian populations are often devastated during wartime. For example, five wars were fought along the New England and Acadia border during the 70 years prior to the expulsion (See French and Indian Wars, Father Rale's War and Father Le Loutre's War). During these wars, the French and Wabanaki Confederacy conducted numerous military campaigns in which they killed and captured British civilians. 

during the Martin Van Buren administration.[4][5] After the passage of the Indian Removal Act in 1830, approximately 60,000 members of the Cherokee, Muscogee (Creek), Seminole, Chickasaw, and Choctaw nations (including thousands of their black slaves) were forcibly removed from their ancestral homelands, with thousands dying during the Trail of Tears.

Dahlonega, Georgia in 1828, resulting in the Georgia Gold Rush.[7]

On December 28, 1835, a group of Seminoles and blacks ambushed a U.S. Army company marching from Fort Brooke in Tampa to Fort King in Ocala, killing all but three of the 110 army troops. This came to be known as the Dade Massacre.

the Daily National Intelligencer, Washington, D.C. in the Wednesday, January 27, 1836 edition

Battle of Bloody Run[1],Battle of Catirai,Battle of Cieneguilla[2],Battle of Curalaba,Battle of Devil's Hole[3],Battle of Duck Lake,Battle of Fish Creek

Battle of Fort Buchanan,Battle of Fort Pitt[4],Massacre at Fort William Henry,Battle of Frenchman's Butte,Battle of Hembrillo Basin

Battle of Jupiter Inlet,Battle of the Little Bighorn[5],Battle of Marihueñu,Battle of Ollantaytambo[6],Battle of Platte Bridge,Battle of Río Bueno

Battle of the Rosebud[7],Battle of Sand Butte,Battle of Tucapel,Battle of Yellow House Canyon,Capture of Fort Sandusky,Chichimeca War

Dade massacre,Deerfield Massacre,First Battle of Dragoon Springs,First Battle of Pyramid Lake,First Battle of the Stronghold

Fetterman Fight, Fort Mims Massacre, Fourth Battle of Tucson, Gallinas massacre,Grattan massacre, Great Raid of 1840, Kidder fight, La Noche Triste,Oatman Massacre

Pueblo Revolt, Sacred Heart Massacre, Sheteck Massacre, Spirit Lake Massacre, St. Clair's Defeat[5], Swansea Massacre, Tonkawa Massacre

            property and land for sale in ontario: 

property and land changes from time to time, please email a.l.m to inquire on updates

1st) Property Type ; Rural Halton Hill Vacant Land  Community Name;Rural Halton Hills Land Size;

(4.29 Acre)  Annual Property; Taxes $1    Amenities Nearby Highway.(contact a.l.m admin)

area/7870 WINSTON CHURCHILL BLVD Halton Hills, Ontario L6Y0B2 (cost $5

2nd) Property Type; Vacant Land Land Size; 555 FT

Annual Property Taxes;$1  3055 HIGHWAY 588 Thunder Bay Remote Area, Ontario  (cost  $

3rd)Property Type; Vacant Land Community Name Stoney Creek Land Size 66.01 x 93.01 FT

Annual Property Taxes $0     504 WINONA RD Hamilton, Ontario L8E5E5 (cost $

4th) Property Type; Vacant Land Land Size; 598 x 785 FT Annual Property Taxes $0

0 AULTSVILLE RD South Stormont, Ontario K0C1M0 (cost $

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The world is well aware that Canadians are avid travelers. In 2019, they spent 256 million nights on leisure trips to domestic and foreign destinations, during which they spent over $42.5 billion in these destinations, excluding airfare.

Overnight leisure trips to domestic destinations captured less than half of this time (42% or 108 million nights) and these expenditures (35% or $14.9 billion).

By choosing to explore Canada, Canadians can play a critical role in bolstering the tourism economy, creating jobs and revitalizing local businesses across Canada. A shift in vacation time and spending from international to domestic travels will sustain jobs and rebuild businesses upon which communities depend for their vitality and the quality of life of all Canadians.

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